Modern Publishing

It seems to me that the old world of publishing, where agents were the keepers of the gates to big publishing houses is eroding. There are three ingredients to this witches brew of change. Two of them are boring and mundane. Ordinary kitchen spices, if you will. The third is more like a clipping from a vampire’s toenail.

  1. There are too many people writing novels these days. Everyone who opens themselves to submissions opens themselves to a firehose. None of them can give proper consideration to the ones that make it through.
  2. The internet has lowered the barrier to self-publishing to almost zero. The rise of ebooks and print-on-demand means there’s no upfront cost.
  3. The internet is reinventing the entire process.
    1. Small presses, Indie authors, and Amazon imprints account for over 50% of market share.
    2. Wattpad makes publishing stories a means of social interaction. There’s a fanbase to be won on this platform, and more than a few authors have risen to stardom using it.
    3. Inkitt uses data analytics to figure out what the next successful novel will be from the many free stories posted on its site.
    4. Trident media, and others, regularly hunt for writers on a site called TheProse–a website where anyone can create contests and (if they want) offer small cash prizes.
    5., Kobo, and TheProse will pay you for content based on visits, similar to Kindle Unlimited.
    6. There are new ways to market. BundleRabbit allows you to be part of a boxed set, even if you’ve only got one book!