1. How to Program, Part I
  2. How to Program, Part II
  3. How to Program, Part III
  4. How to Program, Part IV
  5. How to Program, Part V
  6. How to Program, Part VI
  7. exercises
  8. pyMPI tutorial
  9. Calculating PI, Part I
  10. Calculating PI, Part II
  11. Calculating PI, Part III
  12. Dividing Work
  13. More MPI
  14. Poogle - Web Search
  15. Mandelbrot Sets
  16. Mandelbrot, The Code
  17. Mandelbrot, The Images
  18. Mandelbrot In CUDA
  19. Conway's Life, Part I
  20. Life Code Listing
  21. Conway's Life, Part II
  22. MPI Life Code Listing

Setting up on Windows

Step 1: Install Python

You download and install Python 2.X from this link.

Step 2: Download the Course Files

Download the complete course to the Desktop by clicking this link and browsing to the Desktop.

Next, open the windows explorer, navigate to the Desktop, right click on the course and select 'Extract All.'

Step 3: Give the Course Files a Test Run

To set up in windows, we need to open a dos shell. You can do this by clicking the windows button, and typing the text 'cmd' in the text box at the bottom of the menu. Hit return and you'll get your dos window.

You now have the complete course installed under the home directory. The following screen shot shows what you need to type in order to make the class files run.

In case you are having trouble reading the image, the text is as follows

    cd Desktop
    cd pympiclass
    cd pympiclass
    set path=%path%;C:\python27
    python apple.py
    python shop.py
    mpiexec -np 2 python pi.py
If all goes well, you should see the same or similar results on your screen that you see in the image.