Classic SF

There are probably endless collections of classics that could be compiled — here are some of my favorites:

The Mote in God’s Eye

This is one of my all time favorite sf books. In it, humanity meets aliens for the first time, and we are the ones that find them. Niven and Pournelle gave a lot of thought to the characteristics and personality of this alien race, and that is what makes the story fun. One small problem is that the pace slows down to a crawl for one hundred pages or so after the return from the Mote, But overall, one of the finest sci fi books out there!


What if Dante was exactly right about what
the afterlife is like? That’s what this science fiction writer
discovers after his death. Great fun!

The Dune Trilogy

An elaborate science fiction tale with the feel of an epic fantasy, Dune takes you to a desert world that is the economic linchpin
of the galaxy. The spice, obtained from the large and deadly sandworms, supplies the needed foresight to navigate hyperspace. Don’t miss these classic novels! The spice must flow!

The Great Book of Amber

An amazing fantasy series about the one true world of Amber — all other worlds, Earth included, are but shadows. The residents of Amber can walk between the shadow worlds. This archetypal world is no paradise however, and is filled with intrigue, war, and betrayal. An enthralling and unusual fantasy.