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Thursday Thirteen: Tech predictions for 2040 AD

We are heading for a brave new tech world. Most of these predictions are things that could probably happen in ten years, but I’m giving them a little extra room to be on the safe side. Some of these predictions … Continue reading

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‘Junior’ the Self-Driving Car

Stanford’s entry into the Darpa Urban Challenge is a car named “Junior”. It is capable of reading road signs, reflective markers on the road, and avoiding other cars. This suggests to me that we are on-track for self-driving cars in … Continue reading

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Thursday Thirteen: Forgotten Superheroes

My adopted son is black, and is five years old. He is currently interested in superheroes. Recently he picked up a book in the bookstore with a picture of Superman, Batman, and Spiderman on the cover. He said, “They’re all … Continue reading

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Thursday Thirteen: The Amazing Cathouse

My sister and brother-in-law have two indoor cats who love a chance to escape and get outside. To give them a taste of this freedom, my brother-in-law built an elaborate system of tunnels and rooms from chicken wire outside their … Continue reading

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Big hairy foot….

Everyone of us with plus size shoes is a closet fan of bigfoot. The giant hairy jungle man is sighted world-wide: India Mande Barung, Yeti, Sasquatch Australia Yowie North America Bigfoot China Yeren What brings this fellow to the news … Continue reading

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How to build a Universal Translator

It occurred to me that something like the “Universal Translator” of Star Trek could be constructed without very advanced technology. I call my more primitive device a “Drongo.” If you have two technologically advanced races, and they meet, there is … Continue reading

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