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Writing tip: How should I describe my character?

If you are stuck and having difficulty figuring out what a new character should look like, just go to Google images and type in the character’s name. Describe one of the people that comes up. Not only will that give … Continue reading

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My Inner Sheldon

A recent “Big Bang Theory” episode featured famed physicist Sheldon Cooper creating a wacky three player game of chess. While my family has compared me to Sheldon before, this is one of the few real examples where the comparison worked. … Continue reading

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Unlimited Energy

We may be suffering with fuel prices right now, but I believe that pain will result in gain. While there are many companies working hard to bring new energy sources to market, Joule Unlimited is particularly exciting to me. If … Continue reading

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A Cure for Cancer

People have been talking about cancer vaccines for a long time, but a recent company thinks they have the answer. The key is in a rare type of mollusk found in California. Read the interview. It’s fascinating.

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First Priest to Contact Intelligent Life

I recently read a book by Michael Z. Williamson called “Contact with Chaos.” It is a story of first contact, one in which we find them. It has a couple of interesting technology wrinkles, and his usual attention to military … Continue reading

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Blurring the Line Between Fantasy and Science Fiction

Fantasy and Science Fiction are lumped together on the bookshelves, but they are clearly distinct. Science Fiction is usually a fanciful prediction of the future and fantasy is sheer escapism. Probably every science fiction author’s dream is to be an … Continue reading

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Increase Your Blog Traffic

The world needs to know when we post, and it’s difficult ways to shout “Pay Attention To Me” in a polite but noticeable way. WordPress provides a ping-o-matic service and turns it on by default, but I’ve discovered Vladimir’s Ping … Continue reading

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Another Answer to the Fermi Paradox

The Fermi paradox points out a contradiction between our expectations and evidence. We believe that extra terrestrial life is likely to exist, and therefore likely to have visited earth–and yet there is no evidence that it has. What I’m going … Continue reading

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Astrology Proven True by Science

Well, sort of. Astrology predicts that you have traits or characteristics that are determined by the time of your birth within the year.

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I Must Have this T-Shirt!

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