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Tweed Jacket disciplines a student

I recently had a student submit an assignment (a computer program, Tweed Jacket is how I refer to myself in my role as Professor of Computer Science) that was not his original work. It was so clearly beyond the student’s … Continue reading

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On Becoming a vampire without being bitten

A recent psychological study titled “Becoming a vampire without being bitten: A new study shows that reading expands our self-concepts” says that reading about becoming a vampire, or Harry Potter’s school of wizarding, helps us to psychologically feel we are … Continue reading

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Atkins Diet for the Impatient

I’ve had a number of people tell me that they’re “following the Atkins diet” who weren’t. What they were doing instead was just eating meat, cheese, eggs, and fish and avoiding most everything else. Having read the Atkins diet book, … Continue reading

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Expensive and Inexpensive wines taste the same

( — Psychologist Prof Richard Wiseman (University of Hertfordshire) today revealed the results of The Taste Test – a large-scale experiment to discover whether expensive wines are good value for money. The experiment was carried out as part of the … Continue reading

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Time Travel and China

The Chinese don’t want stories with time travel that are disrespectful of China’s past. Depending on your definition of disrespectful and of time travel, this could be bad for a book I’m working on. You tell me, is making Lao … Continue reading

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MIT also working on printing buildings

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This one is important to me. Once the printing of buildings is perfected I want to knock down my house and print one with a tower and a secret passage.
Model maker: Neri Oxman works on “Cartesian Wax: Prototype for a Responsive Sk… Continue reading

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Virgin Oceanic has a submarine to go to the bottom of the Ocean

Richard Branson has unveiled a Hawkes submarine that will go the bottom of 5 oceans. The company believes that it will set as many as 30 world records with each dive being the world’s first solo dive to the bottom of the five deepest trenches in the … Continue reading

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