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Tweed Jacket: Facebook Saves Student —

It’s been a long time since I posted under “Tweed Jacket.” Tweed Jacket is how I think of my relatively new job title, “Adjunct Professor of Computer Science.” Anyway, we were administering a final for a course named “Multiprocessor Systems.” One student, a good student, failed to show up. Perhaps it was to be expected, […]

Tweed Jacket Attends a Faculty Meeting —

All through grade school, and even into college I found myself doodling in class. As the years have gone by, I’ve found myself drawing less and less. This afternoon, however, I needed to attend a faculty meeting. As I listened to a precise legal discussion of just what a professor emeritus is, what he/she is […]

It’s Fun to Stay at the NCSA —

This week I visited my old graduate school, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I took my two graduate students on a trip through campus visiting all my old haunts… Papa Del’s, Loomis Lab, the Etc., Dairy Queen, and so on. That was fun. The purpose of the trip, however, was work and much of […]

World Famous in Poland —

To quote an old movie, “I am world famous in Poland” (“To be or not to be,” Mel Brooks). It is a term that I use for a minor claim to fame. What is this new accolade that I have achieved? The office where I work does a regular feature calls “Spotlight” where they write […]

Tweed Jacket disciplines a student —

I recently had a student submit an assignment (a computer program, Tweed Jacket is how I refer to myself in my role as Professor of Computer Science) that was not his original work. It was so clearly beyond the student’s ability, it was as if a 3rd grader had turned in the Mona Lisa as […]

Enter the Tweed Jacket…. —

This morning I received word that the faculty of the computer science department at LSU voted unanimously to make me an adjunct professor. This does not involve an increase in pay, nor is it tenure–but it marks a new education component to my career. The august rank of “Professor” is not something I ever expected […]