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Running Advice from a Squeaky Shoe

I’m probably the last person on earth who should be giving running advice. After all, I’m slow. When I was in cross country back in high school, I was always dead last. When I crossed the finish line, the other … Continue reading

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Gold Rolled Lung Cancer Vaccine

Cuba, country famous for its cigars is now providing the first vaccine against lung cancer. The vaccine does not cure or prevent the disease, but it makes the disease more manageable in stages 3 to 4. See Next Big Future … Continue reading

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Did you know that drinking too much is a problem for runners? And no, I don’t mean alcohol, I mean water. Apparently, drinking too much while running can result in abnormally low sodium levels.

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Dune is More Likely to Exist than Earth

The famous desert planet Arrakis is, according to recent computer simulations, a more likely type of planet to harbor life than Earth. In fact, “land worlds” (worlds with no oceans) have a habitable zone that is three times larger than … Continue reading

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Tweed Jacket Attends a Faculty Meeting

All through grade school, and even into college I found myself doodling in class. As the years have gone by, I’ve found myself drawing less and less. This afternoon, however, I needed to attend a faculty meeting. As I listened … Continue reading

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