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The Woman who Changed her Brain —

“The Woman who Changed her Brain,” was a fascinating read. It’s about a woman with profound learning disabilities who learned to overcome them. It’s also a book about learning disabilities in general, a list of the various types that stem from underdeveloped areas of the brain. My guess is that there are few people who […]

Gold Rolled Lung Cancer Vaccine —

Cuba, country famous for its cigars is now providing the first vaccine against lung cancer. The vaccine does not cure or prevent the disease, but it makes the disease more manageable in stages 3 to 4. See Next Big Future for more details.

Drink milk and lose more weight: research —

A new weight loss study conducted by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers reveals that dieters who consumed milk or milk products lost more weight on average than those who consumed little to no milk products.