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Safe Nontoxic Cockroach Killer

After moving to the South I discovered how large and unpleasant cockraoches can be. I used to think those 1 inch long bugs in movies were just props. (Now I count myself lucky, in South America they can get to … Continue reading

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I recently attended Armadillocon in Auston TX. This CON was focused on the literary aspects of sci-fi and fantasy, so there were very few people who attended in costumes. I met a number of authors: Julie Kenner (demon hunter soccer-mom … Continue reading

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BabelCon 2007

We just finished visiting the local Fantasy/Sci-Fi convention BabelCon. The things I had most fun with were: The talk by Randal Scott from The Duelists. He discussed medieval weapons and fighting, the errors you commonly see in movies, and the … Continue reading

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HPC Boot Camp

Recently I was involved in an effort, sponsored by CCT at LSU to teach high school kids about supercomputing. Five local high schools were involved, each of which sent a teacher and about four specially picked students. Each school’s team … Continue reading

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