Safe Nontoxic Cockroach Killer

After moving to the South I discovered how large and unpleasant cockraoches can be. I used to think those 1 inch long bugs in movies were just props. (Now I count myself lucky, in South America they can get to be six inches long.)

I was also amazed to discover how fast they were. They can usually outrun the broom or the shoe. Even if you do succeed in hitting them with one of those weapons — well then you’ve just made a mess.

Naturally we do our best to keep them out, but they still manage to get in. If the kids leave the door open just once they pounce, certain that a better life awaits them indoors.

What is the best thing to use for cockroach control? I mean, how do you kill something that can live for a week without its head? I tried various things (409, Windex, spray on bleach, etc.), but the only thing that seems to work is a mixture of liquid ivory dish soap and water. Mix it together and put it in a spray bottle and you have an awesome roach weapon.

You usually need to hit them more than once, but they are not able to dodge the stream. Apparently they don’t see it coming. While it does not kill them instantly, after 5 to 10 hits they roll over on their backs and struggle. At that point they will die within seconds and one can come back and pick them up with a paper towel. Not only does this avoid the use of toxic chemicals, but it cleans the floor (or whatever surface) too!

How many other pesticides can you use to wash the dishes?

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