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A Modest Healthcare Reform —

If you read my posts at all you know that I don’t wear my political views on my sleeve, nor post about how everyone on the other side is an idiot. In fact, I think such posts are counter-productive. I want to win people to the cause I believe is right, not deliver an insult […]

Gold Rolled Lung Cancer Vaccine —

Cuba, country famous for its cigars is now providing the first vaccine against lung cancer. The vaccine does not cure or prevent the disease, but it makes the disease more manageable in stages 3 to 4. See Next Big Future for more details.

A Cure for Cancer —

People have been talking about cancer vaccines for a long time, but a recent company thinks they have the answer. The key is in a rare type of mollusk found in California. Read the interview. It’s fascinating.

Natural Family Planning, the Church’s Best Kept Secret —

When I began my journey to becoming Catholic I was focused mainly on doctrinal issues, e.g. what is the nature of the eucharist, did Mary remain a virgin her whole life, did Christ intend for the Pope to be the head of the church, etc. After I was fairly far along in my studies I […]

Exercise Glasses —

Eye exercises have been around for a while. You will have no trouble finding high priced books, videos, “systems” or whatnot to help you set up a regimen. But this is not to say that it is hokum. I have heard of eye exercises of various kinds being recommended by doctors, and I believe that […]

A Cure for Obesity —

I’ve stated previously that I think obesity will be cured by 2040. I imagine all the thin people of the future planted spud-like in their couches gawking at images of fat people from yesteryear. Well, the future may nearly be here. The recent discovery of the MIC-1 protein, the molecule responsible for suppressing appetite and […]