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Privacy is Dying —

Privacy is becoming an increasingly problematic concern for everyone. With the advent of drones, inexpensive cameras, etc., surveillance is becoming easier for governments and corporations. Inevitably, the temptation for governments and industry to acquire intelligence on all of us may become (or already is) irresistible. Most of us fear the “surveillance state” and feel that […]

A Modest Healthcare Reform —

If you read my posts at all you know that I don’t wear my political views on my sleeve, nor post about how everyone on the other side is an idiot. In fact, I think such posts are counter-productive. I want to win people to the cause I believe is right, not deliver an insult […]

You Are Being Watched —

I recently chanced upon a minor flame war about whether atheists or believers in God are more moral. Clearly, belief in God is not required for morality, and many who profess belief in God are less moral than many who don’t. A study was done which reached the unsurprising conclusion that people behave more ethically […]

Every News Station is a Political Party —

The Max Headroom television series provided us with a dystopian vision of the future in which credit fraud was a more serious crime than murder, turning the television off was illegal, and network executives would do anything to increase their ratings for a few minutes. Oh, and every television network had its own political candidate. […]