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What’s Creepier than Bugs? —

How about cyborg bugs? Building a from-scratch robot that can do everything a bug can do is difficult. So instead, scientists are looking at a fuel cell powered by a bug’s own biochemistry. The energy can be used for sensing, recording, or control by stimulation of neurons. What would I like to do with this […]

Secret Worlds and the Belly of Quetzacoatl —

Fantasy has several different classifications: Contemporary Fantasy: Fantasy that takes place in the modern world, sometimes called Urban Fantasy. Second World Fantasy: There’s a whole different earth-like magical world out there. Think Tolkien. Portal Fantasy: This world and some second world are connected, and stories bridge worlds. Think Potter or Narnia. The last category, Portal […]

Beer in Utah —

I was not expecting much in the way of beer during my stay in Utah. But I tasted one really good beer. What really made the experience was the label was the label “Polygamy Porter.” The slogan is “Why have just one?” It’s good that the people of Utah have a sense of humor about […]

Every News Station is a Political Party —

The Max Headroom television series provided us with a dystopian vision of the future in which credit fraud was a more serious crime than murder, turning the television off was illegal, and network executives would do anything to increase their ratings for a few minutes. Oh, and every television network had its own political candidate. […]

My Inner Sheldon —

A recent “Big Bang Theory” episode featured famed physicist Sheldon Cooper creating a wacky three player game of chess. While my family has compared me to Sheldon before, this is one of the few real examples where the comparison worked. I have a 3 player chess game (hexagonal grid instead of square grid) sitting on […]

Thursday Thirteen: The Amazing Cathouse —

My sister and brother-in-law have two indoor cats who love a chance to escape and get outside. To give them a taste of this freedom, my brother-in-law built an elaborate system of tunnels and rooms from chicken wire outside their dwelling. I bring you thirteen pictures of this stunning creation: out the door… toward the […]

Demon Duck of Doom —

Australia had lots of fun critters in ancient times — including saber-toothed kangaroos. Update: Giant penguins in Peru: