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Thursday 13: Things I learned from reading Sci-Fi —

McNugget’s will some day be all-natural health food, relatively speaking (Caves of Steel, Asimov). Apparently our diet will consist largely of yeast grown in vats. My cockroach problems really aren’t so bad (Starship Troopers, Heinlein). Mr. Rico has to face giant bugs carrying death rays. Don’t watch the movie, by the way, it does not […]

Thursday Thirteen: Wonders from the Past —

My previous Thursday 13 was a list of technology predictions. I thought I’d follow up by a collection of 13 fairly unrelated ancient things that I found interesting/amusing. I give you my list of “wonders from the past”….. Lost DaVinci mural discovered – Found by Maurizio Seracini of Calit2. 3500 year old female pharoh named […]

Thursday Thirteen: Tech predictions for 2040 AD —

We are heading for a brave new tech world. Most of these predictions are things that could probably happen in ten years, but I’m giving them a little extra room to be on the safe side. Some of these predictions are rather scary when taken in combination — some are even scary by themselves. It […]

Thursday Thirteen: Forgotten Superheroes —

My adopted son is black, and is five years old. He is currently interested in superheroes. Recently he picked up a book in the bookstore with a picture of Superman, Batman, and Spiderman on the cover. He said, “They’re all white. I wish I was white.” (he actually says “lello” when he refers to white […]

Thursday Thirteen: The Amazing Cathouse —

My sister and brother-in-law have two indoor cats who love a chance to escape and get outside. To give them a taste of this freedom, my brother-in-law built an elaborate system of tunnels and rooms from chicken wire outside their dwelling. I bring you thirteen pictures of this stunning creation: out the door… toward the […]