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Privacy is Dying —

Privacy is becoming an increasingly problematic concern for everyone. With the advent of drones, inexpensive cameras, etc., surveillance is becoming easier for governments and corporations. Inevitably, the temptation for governments and industry to acquire intelligence on all of us may become (or already is) irresistible. Most of us fear the “surveillance state” and feel that […]

The Most Secure Network Ever Built —

FirstNet. A dedicated network for firemen, medical professionals, and law enforcement. They say it will be the most secure network ever built. Regardless of how secure they make it, I expect there will be criminals hacked into it from the start. I expect that this technology will save lives, but it will erode our notion […]

Magic made real by Technology —

We’re rapidly entering an age where science fiction becomes fact on a daily basis. Who’d have thought that by 2013 we’d all have tricorders, but call them iPhones? But sometimes, fantasy is also becoming real. This particular example is fun for me because it ties to my own work. In the book my wife and […]

The Political Issue No One Is Addressing —

People are worried about jobs. The problem is, many of them are going away and they aren’t coming back. It’s time to start planning for the obsolescance of the American worker. The question is, can we make the transition without first creating massive poverty and unemployment? My theory is that we can offer tax credits […]

Blurring the Line Between Fantasy and Science Fiction —

Fantasy and Science Fiction are lumped together on the bookshelves, but they are clearly distinct. Science Fiction is usually a fanciful prediction of the future and fantasy is sheer escapism. Probably every science fiction author’s dream is to be an accurate prophet of future technology. How does our mental picture change when Lord of the […]

Virtual Possessions —

I was thinking about the future of display technology. I imagine that it will become cheap enough, at some point, that we will cover our walls, ceilings, and tables with displays (possibly 3D displays). One consequence of this would be that we’d have practically zero possessions. Most of what we have — decorative items, books, […]

Hydrogen From the Gas Pump with Nanotech —

Is there a future in hydrogen powered vehicles? Toyota announced a new car with a 516 mile range []. It uses a single tank of fuel stored at -22 degrees Fahrenheit. But is this practical or dangerous? Would Americans ever be willing to drive one of these vehichles? Maybe not, but hydrogen power is already […]

Curing Cancer —

I’m generally optimistic that cancer will be eradicated in a decade or so — based on the frequency with which interesting potential cures are reported. Just today there were rather two (possibly synergistic) ideas that surfaced in my news reading. The first is a method of delivering cancer-killing drugs selectively, and deep inside the tumors. […]

Infinite Sunshine Computing —

I have been thinking about the struggle to build large computing systems. The major challenges of the current age of computing are power, cooling and scalability. The machine room and energy costs are dwarfing everything else. This concern has even spawned the creation of a new ranking of supercomputers, the Green 500, which ranks machines […]

Thursday Thirteen: Tech predictions for 2040 AD —

We are heading for a brave new tech world. Most of these predictions are things that could probably happen in ten years, but I’m giving them a little extra room to be on the safe side. Some of these predictions are rather scary when taken in combination — some are even scary by themselves. It […]