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A New Cover for “Warriors of the Hollow World” —

I am pleased to announce the new cover for my wattpad story “Warriors of the Hollow World,” featuring the amazing Zahra. In the chapter depicted in this image, Zahra portrays the character of Olara who is speaking electrotelpathically with her dead friend/servant for the first time since he was killed. Does this cover make you […]

To the Stars! —

0.08% lightspeed is pretty fast. It will get you to the nearest star in 53 years. Of course, I’m not factoring in the time for acceleration and deceleration. The .08 lightspeed drive. Ghost Ship Another Interstellar Drive.

Sword and Illusion —

A few years ago my wife and I completed a book titled, “Sword and Illusion” about a warrior woman, accustomed to fighting dragons and leading armies. As she approaches middle age, she faces the most terrifying challenge of her life: finding a husband. Many men come to the competition to win her hand, and few […]

By Your Command —

Just a few weeks back I was in Seattle for Supercomputing 11 and I got to see the Battlestar Galactica display at the EMP museum. There were a lot of cool things there, Saul’s eye patch, an electronically administered ethics test (would you make the same choices as the BG gang?). To fond memories of […]

X-COM: Terror From The Deep —

The attached video is about a game I used to play back in 1995. Does anyone out there remember it? It was called X-COM: Terror From the Deep. X-COM: TFTD. I used embedded SWF to create the movie, so you may have to right-click for controls like stop/pause. Hope you enjoy.

Dune is More Likely to Exist than Earth —

The famous desert planet Arrakis is, according to recent computer simulations, a more likely type of planet to harbor life than Earth. In fact, “land worlds” (worlds with no oceans) have a habitable zone that is three times larger than that of Earth. But an ocean planet with an atmosphere consisting primarily of hydrogen could […]

Star Trek is Dead —

That Star Trek is dead came to me as a sad realization while attending the Teragrid 2011 conference. On Wednesday we made an excursion to the planetarium. There were two shows. The first was titled something like “This Violent Universe” and Patrick Stewart was the narrator. The second show was titled “Black Holes.” As I […]

Every News Station is a Political Party —

The Max Headroom television series provided us with a dystopian vision of the future in which credit fraud was a more serious crime than murder, turning the television off was illegal, and network executives would do anything to increase their ratings for a few minutes. Oh, and every television network had its own political candidate. […]

Brain Prosthetic —

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of watching a loved one’s memory deteriorate through dementia of one for or another. If your loved one is a rat, there is already a solution, a device that connects directly to the brain and replaces long term memory.