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X-COM: Terror From The Deep —

The attached video is about a game I used to play back in 1995. Does anyone out there remember it? It was called X-COM: Terror From the Deep. X-COM: TFTD. I used embedded SWF to create the movie, so you may have to right-click for controls like stop/pause. Hope you enjoy.

I Stitched a Sequin onto Elvis’ Coat… —

Well, i did the equivalent thing in the C++ world. Back in 1986 and 1987 I worked in the C++ group at Bell Labs. I was trying to debug my program, but could not understand what I was seeing from the linker–mangled symbol names generated by cfront. The documentation I was reading said I could […]

Geekiness —

Java is a great language, but it’s missing a feature present in its cousin languages, C++ and C. The feature is the builtin macros __FILE__ and __LINE__. These are often quite useful for debugging, etc. Well, even though Java doesn’t have them as builins, you can still make your own. public class MacroHack { public […]

Roku Application —

Since we lost the controller for our Roku, I’ve had a bit of fun after discovering that you could control it by telnetting to port 8080 on the device and sending it commands such as “press up”, “press right”, etc. To make this easier, I created a small application which you can access here.