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Running Advice from a Squeaky Shoe —

I’m probably the last person on earth who should be giving running advice. After all, I’m slow. When I was in cross country back in high school, I was always dead last. When I crossed the finish line, the other kids had their sweats on and half-finished drinks in their hands. Things have not gotten […]

Overhydrating —

Did you know that drinking too much is a problem for runners? And no, I don’t mean alcohol, I mean water. Apparently, drinking too much while running can result in abnormally low sodium levels.

Running in Seattle —

I’m beginning to think that the sport of running has less to do with strength, endurance, and will than it does with your body’s ability to dissipate heat. When I went running in Seattle I ran twice as far as I normally do, climbed lots of stairs and ramps–and I was less tired. The difference? […]