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Links about me

  1. Sword and Illusion
    1. Sword and Illusion on my Amazon store
    2. Sword and Illusion on Audible I’ve listened to a fair number of books on Audible, and I have to say the reader they hired at Audible, Keith O’Brien, does a really great job.

    A woman warrior, the ruler of a world of illusions, dragons, and romance.

  2. Memoirs of a Sith Lord [EPUB,PDF]: This is a fan fiction piece that I wrote in the Star Wars universe. Please feel free to copy and redistribute this epub in any way you like. Here’s a link to the story on
  3. Steven R. Brandt impersonates Darth Vader singing Kermit’s “The Rainbow Connection”
  4. Scientific Papers
  5. A reference to Steven R. Brandt on Wikipedia: This refers to my most often cited paper.
  6. Facebook Author Page
  7. Center for Computation and Technology