Battle for the Sphere is done!

I’ve been working on a science fiction novel for about 2 years now titled “Battle for the Sphere.” Yesterday’s snow day was the impetus I needed to dig in and finish the second pass at editing. I’m sure there are still things that can be fixed, but I feel that getting the manuscript to this point was a major victory.

The story is about a primitive people called the Kushar, who were once a mighty starfaring race. The book follows their leader, Ketzhura, as she sacrifices, deceives, makes alliances and fights to bring her people back to their former glory.

My goal was to have this revision done by Christmas — that is roughly the time I’m expecting to hear back from Baen about the book I have on submission with them entitled “Lady and the Necromancer.” If, by some miracle, they want to publish it and ask if I have anything else I can now say, “Yes. Yes I do.”

Currently BFTS is 123,000 words — something like 490 pages.

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