Why be a writer? Money can’t be the reason. Only a very few writers can earn enough to keep ramen in the cupboard by writing. Any tidbit of recognition is hard to come by, even from friends or family.

Then, one day, I wrote a piece of fanfiction which I called, “Memoirs of a Sith Lord.” People told me it was a waste of time since I can’t make any money at it. Since it’s posting, it’s gotten 2.6K reads and 224 votes on Wattpad. However, it’s the rare comments that really make it all worthwhile….

Your story “Memoirs of a Sith Lord” brought back buried feelings I had about Anakin and Padmè. How she was more than a queen and senator, but also a courageous fighter that was willing to kill and die for her loved ones. That was a Padmè I wanted to see in the canon universe.

And how the Jedi masters came to understand … was also basically wish fulfillment for me. *fangirls*

Thank you. I adored this fanfiction and all the emotion you packed into it.
[note from a fan, spoilers redacted]

Writers are delicate creatures. A little love is all we need to keep us going. If you want to see the story, you can find it here.

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