I recently finished reading Karen Marie Moning’s “Dreamfever.”

I’m still trying to figure out how she does it. It usually takes me about a month to read a book, but I don’t think any book in the fever series took me longer than a week. Because I write novels myself (but am not yet published) I study always the story structure, the sentence construction, the character development etc. of every book I read. Usually I can spot errors or things that I think should be done differently. With these books, however, my analysis gets short-circuited.

I still don’t quite know how she does what she does. The books draw me in too deeply and I forget to study the mechanics of her work–which is really annoying. Maybe by the time I read the fifth book in the series, “Shadowfever,” I’ll know what’s going on. Or maybe I’ll just be sucked in like the people who read the Sinsar Dubh.

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