I Finally Beat X-COM: TFTD

Today is an historic today. I finally beat X-COM: Terror from the Deep. I started playing TFTD in 1996, and played it for a couple of years without succeeding. The reason for this sad state of affairs is a combination of software bugs and a refusal to look up the winning strategies.

I stopped playing when I moved off Windows 95, as my copy of the game wouldn’t play on newer operating systems. For a while I had an old used desktop that supposedly ran Windows 95 that I would try and boot up “someday.”

Years went by. One important development in that time was that I adopted a baby boy, Noah. Recently, I discovered that the game was back on Steam, and he and I would sometimes sit together on Sunday mornings and play.

Since getting it running on Steam I’ve been trying for about 6 months. Yes, I know, I’m pathetic. Anyhow, finally, a 17 year obsession comes to an end. Today the aliens were kicked off of Earth. For good. You can all sleep safe in your beds, knowing the oceans are alien free.

x-com terror from the deep

x-com terror from the deep

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