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Female Archetypes —

My wife recently gave a talk on the female archetypes in fiction. I had a realization while listening to her presentation that one way to understand and use these archetypes might be to look at them from the perspective of how the character solves problems. One of advantage to this approach is that it becomes […]

Manhattanhenge —

On July 13, 2011 the sun will shine along the even numbered streets across the length of New York in an effect known as “Manhattenhenge.” What mystical story idea would you connect with this strange phenomenon?

The Demon Drink —

Not too long ago, I read a detective story where the hero needed to bluff his way past security guards, hide under a desk, etc. It got me thinking. How do you get your hero past the guards? Arrange for all the buildings to have air ducts big enough to crawl around in? I was […]

High Plains Blood Drinker —

My wife suggested one night at dinner that she was thinking of a vampire western. At first I thought the idea sounded silly, but then I started thinking. What if a particularly ruthless gunslinger was dying of thirst and came across an Indian shaman and decides to kill him to drink his blood?