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My Youngest Fan —

Recently I ran into an old friend of mine, one of the few who received a printed copy of my only fanfiction work, Memoirs of a Sith Lord. He told me that his 5-year-old got hold of it, read it, and now considers it her favorite book and carries it with her everywhere. She even […]

Robot Parents —

Those of you who know me, know that I’m a fan of the theory that robots are going to take all the jobs away. One job I never really thought that robots would take would be parenting. The human touch is important, and so on. But parenting isn’t just one job. One part of it, […]

The Indians Who Don’t Exist —

Recently I was on a campout with the Cub scouts. Many of the boys were worried that there were Indians in the forest. Naturally, like a good parent, I explained that (a) that the camp grounds are owned by the Boy Scouts and there are no “Indians” living there, and (b) the proper term is […]

Thanks —

I have an adopted son who’s 10 years old, and although he gives me many headaches he also gives great joy to my life. To all the mothers out there who’ve given babies up for adoption, thank you. You’ve done so much more good than you can know.

Questions from a 5-Year-Old —

I found this partial list of questions my son asked me when he was five. Thought I’d share 🙂 What is a ‘7-day outlook?’ What is a ‘local doppler?’ What does ‘tarnation’ mean? Is it something you say if you are from texas? Can you feel your blood? When you walk can it fall out […]

Life —

Over twenty years ago my daughter was born. The pregnancy was very difficult. My wife had to lay on her left side for several weeks prior to delivery (her blood pressure was very high and it was slightly lower when she was on her left side). At one point the doctor mentioned that abortion was […]