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Bias in the Media —

Why are news outlets biased? You might think it’s some kind of sinister conspiracy, or the result of powerful people controlling what the masses think. I have a different opinion–it’s what the market wants. People (conservatives, liberals, moderates, you, me, etc.) don’t like to hear stories that disagree with what they already believe. Whenever they […]

What Adam and Eve Wrote —

I’m not generally in favor or Bible literalism, as frequently (I think) that is not how the text is meant to be read, and especially so in the case of the book of Genesis. People (Isaac Newton among them) have estimated the age of the earth by adding up the ages of people mentioned in […]

Will Blind Spots be Outlawed? —

Cameras have become relatively cheap, and most new cars have a backup camera. However, we all still have rather primitive sideview and rearview mirrors that suffer from blind spots. It seems to me that it must be relatively cheap to install a handful of cameras around the perimeter of a car and combine the feeds […]

Computers that Feel —

Many believe that human consciousness is algorithmic, that self-awareness is simply the emergent property of a large number of logic gates. It must at least be partially true. Our brains do share a great deal of common traits with computers, and efforts to mimic neurons have yielded useful algorithms in computer science. Yet this misses […]

Happy Birthday Harry Potter —

Harry Potter was born on July 31, 1980. That makes him 30 today. Wow, he’s really getting old! You know, I always thought we’d get a series of books entitled “Harry Potter, the Aurer.” Maybe it will still happen.

Hands-free Cell vs. Talking to a Passenger —

One often sees studies claiming that even talking on a hands-free cell phone impairs driving. The next logical question one asks is whether talking to a passenger presents the same problem. The answer, apparently, is no, and there’s a study to back up that assertion (citation below). It seems that actual passengers have a tendency […]

Wyrms —

I’ve started to listening to books on CD in an effort to ease the monotony of driving to and from work. My present choice is “Wyrms” by Orson Scott Card. So far I like the book quite a bit, but this one quote is priceless: “He won’t be awful, Lyra. The negotiators would never have […]

Unicorns Do Exist —

(source A unicorn deer named ‘Unicorn’ was born June 11, 2008 in Italy. This appears to be a genetic defect, but it was a natural occurrence. It remains to be seen whether it has magical healing properties in its horn, etc. Perhaps this genetic defect has occurred previously, and perhaps it is the source […]

Bill’s Quote of the Day —

I have a “quote of the day” feature on my Google home page. This is the one I saw today:   Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning. – Bill Gates   What is efficiency, and how […]

The Space Hotel —

For a long time I’ve had an idea for a themed hotel — one that simulates life on a starship. During the course of your stay you would have the option to play various roles: commander, foot soldier, fighter pilot, etc. One floor of the hotel would be a laser tag arena where ground battles […]