Will Blind Spots be Outlawed?

Cameras have become relatively cheap, and most new cars have a backup camera. However, we all still have rather primitive sideview and rearview mirrors that suffer from blind spots. It seems to me that it must be relatively cheap to install a handful of cameras around the perimeter of a car and combine the feeds to construct a 360 degree display. If this was done properly, it would give a view low enough to the ground so that people could see a toddler walking across the driveway when backing up. It would also make checking the blindspots as easy as glancing at the dashboard. That would probably cut down on a lot of accidents on the highway.

Oh, and it would also make parallel parking a lot easier. I realize that this probably won’t save lives, but it might lower the blood pressure of a few people.

My guess is that, given how inexpensive cameras and computers are, this will become required on all new vehicles in a few years. What do you think?

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