Orion’s Twins:

Recent pictures of Orion with the Spitzer Telescope are telling us more about the science of star formation. I think a region of active star formation might have interesting story possibilities. Imagine two similar star systems, formed at about the same time, from similar materials — possessing a common seed of life carried in the wave of debris from the explosion….

In evolution and development the races that evolve on the two worlds are similar, but in pschology they take opposite roads: One follows a severe rationalism, the other an elaborate spirituality — each imagines that it should be superior to the other, but each finds a similar amount of bloodshed in its past and each has similarly advanced (but different) technology.

Each race has also failed in similar ways: The spiritual race has made meager use of its stunning mathematical ability, and the rationalistic race has suppressed and feared its latent psychic ability.

But when a demonic race attacks the spiritual world the two must work together to fight off an invasion that threatens both of them, they must each look past their own self deceptions for the truth that will enable them to survive.

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