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Over twenty years ago my daughter was born. The pregnancy was very difficult. My wife had to lay on her left side for several weeks prior to delivery (her blood pressure was very high and it was slightly lower when … Continue reading

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Word of Honor

I’m a character in a novel, I give you my word of honor. Literally. Nelson DeMille used my name in his book. Of course, I’m neither a medic nor have I been to Vietnam.

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A Green Belt in Paranormal

I’m always interested in the stories of how people go from unpublished to published. Here’s a self-published success story. The real problem I have with this process, as well as submitting to agents or editors, is that failure does not … Continue reading

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Roku Application

Since we lost the controller for our Roku, I’ve had a bit of fun after discovering that you could control it by telnetting to port 8080 on the device and sending it commands such as “press up”, “press right”, etc. … Continue reading

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