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Book Review: On Basilisk Station

This is the first book in David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. It is a classic military SF novel in which an untested female captain is given an impossible assignment designed to make her fail. She has a crippled ship, political … Continue reading

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Exercise Glasses

Eye exercises have been around for a while. You will have no trouble finding high priced books, videos, “systems” or whatnot to help you set up a regimen. But this is not to say that it is hokum. I have … Continue reading

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A Cure for Obesity

I’ve stated previously that I think obesity will be cured by 2040. I imagine all the thin people of the future planted spud-like in their couches gawking at images of fat people from yesteryear. Well, the future may nearly be … Continue reading

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Category Six!

The idea of putting solar power stations in space and beaming the energy to earth in the form of microwaves is not a new one. However, the notion of steering hurricanes with microwaves is relatively new. Heating the clouds at … Continue reading

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