Category Six!

The idea of putting solar power stations in space and beaming the energy to earth in the form of microwaves is not a new one. However, the notion of steering hurricanes with microwaves is relatively new. Heating the clouds at the right place and the right time, theoretically, could alter the trajectory or strength of the storm.

Of course, this thing could be a weapon. Imagine a story set in the future where some terrorist gets control of the microwave satellite and uses it to pump up a satellite and aim it at Florida.

One of the other effects of putting microwaves to sea water, however, is that it potentially can cause it to burn. I don’t know if this would be too helpful for steering or building the strength of the storm, but it would be a cool special effect to add to the mix and build tension as the storm comes in closer.

The story could have two threads, one which followed a miraculous survival of several people on earth, the other could follow the efforts of the government to stop the terrorists without losing the solar station. In the end, a code is used to release a biological experiment being conducted on the station. It kills the terrorist and her group, giving the ending a little reminiscent of “War of the Worlds.”

I’m almost tempted to cast Elizabeth Hurley as one of the terrorists so that she can reprise her role as the Devil and create “Hell on Earth.”

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