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Infinite Sunshine Computing

I have been thinking about the struggle to build large computing systems. The major challenges of the current age of computing are power, cooling and scalability. The machine room and energy costs are dwarfing everything else. This concern has even … Continue reading

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Solar Sails in a Globular Cluster

Whenever a sci fi writer sits down to write a space opera, he/she must decide what mode of space travel to use. Can our ships travel faster than light? If not, how do we deal with the vast distances that … Continue reading

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Is the Book of Job a Play?

Something I’ve always wondered about is whether the Bible book of Job was originally a play. To clarify, I am not suggesting that the story is not factual — rather that it was adapted to be performed. Why do I … Continue reading

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Quantum Locked Kids

Our whole family really enjoyed the Dr. Who episode “Blink,” especially my son. He now spends his time drawing Tardises and asking questions about time travel and angels. One of the key ideas of the episode was a defense mechanism … Continue reading

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Who Wants to be a Necromancer? Episode V

The final two contestants sat nervously in the cave, awaiting the appearance of Stee Mer in the crystal ball. Finally, in a luminous swirl of green and blue he appeared. “Hello, true deceivers,” he said. “Today’s challenge is to create … Continue reading

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