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Sexception: Sometimes There is No Right Answer

There’s this rather dangerous game that couples like to play called “sexception.” Each of you identifies one person they’re allowed to cheat with should the opportunity arise. When my wife asked who my sexception would be I smelled danger.

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Ulam Spiral Fun

The Ulam Spiral is a famous cool thing. See Wikipedia Entry. Basically, Ulam put numbers on a square spiral

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Brain Prosthetic

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of watching a loved one’s memory deteriorate through dementia of one for or another. If your loved one is a rat, there is already a solution, a device that connects directly to … Continue reading

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I recently finished reading Karen Marie Moning’s “Dreamfever.” I’m still trying to figure out how she does it. It usually takes me about a month to read a book, but I don’t think any book in the fever series took … Continue reading

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High Plains Blood Drinker

My wife suggested one night at dinner that she was thinking of a vampire western. At first I thought the idea sounded silly, but then I started thinking. What if a particularly ruthless gunslinger was dying of thirst and came … Continue reading

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