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Beer in Utah

I was not expecting much in the way of beer during my stay in Utah. But I tasted one really good beer. What really made the experience was the label was the label “Polygamy Porter.” The slogan is “Why have … Continue reading

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Will Blind Spots be Outlawed?

Cameras have become relatively cheap, and most new cars have a backup camera. However, we all still have rather primitive sideview and rearview mirrors that suffer from blind spots. It seems to me that it must be relatively cheap to … Continue reading

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Star Trek is Dead

That Star Trek is dead came to me as a sad realization while attending the Teragrid 2011 conference. On Wednesday we made an excursion to the planetarium. There were two shows. The first was titled something like “This Violent Universe” … Continue reading

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Every News Station is a Political Party

The Max Headroom television series provided us with a dystopian vision of the future in which credit fraud was a more serious crime than murder, turning the television off was illegal, and network executives would do anything to increase their … Continue reading

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On July 13, 2011 the sun will shine along the even numbered streets across the length of New York in an effect known as “Manhattenhenge.” What mystical story idea would you connect with this strange phenomenon?

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Fictional Romance Novel

One thing I sometimes like to do is make up a silly fictional romance title. “The Pirate Captain’s Sweet Hostage,” or “The Millionaire Cowboy’s Secret Baby.” What can you come up with?

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The Demon Drink

Not too long ago, I read a detective story where the hero needed to bluff his way past security guards, hide under a desk, etc. It got me thinking. How do you get your hero past the guards? Arrange for … Continue reading

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The Little Guys…

Sometimes life gets out of control and a lot of things happen. When you get past it, if you do, you question who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what’s important. Then you put all your sorrows and regrets in … Continue reading

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Thor: Too Big for Two Hours

Stories come to us in various sizes, and they don’t always fit into the box we want them to fit into. Take the recent moving “Thor”. It was a decent movie in many ways but afterwards my wife and I … Continue reading

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