The Little Guys…

Sometimes life gets out of control and a lot of things happen. When you get past it, if you do, you question who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what’s important. Then you put all your sorrows and regrets in a little box and take time out to appreciate the good things you have left, you spend time with family and friends and take in the sunshine (from the comfort of air conditioning). When the evening comes you toast those who’ve gone before and think about the good memories.

What happened? Well, I finished another book in the Dresden Files series. In “Turn Coat.” These books can make a significant emotional impact. Harry Dresden rides out a tough storm and comes through with a little less than what he went in with. One of the nice things about a long-running series are the bit characters, the ones that come and go but aren’t part of the major plot. They aren’t as protected as the main characters. They can live, die, make spectacular gains and undergo personality shifts. They provide uncertainty and drama and bring more life to the stories. They make things more real. Here’s to you, little guys.

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