Exercise Glasses

Eye exercises have been around for a while. You will have no trouble finding high priced books, videos, “systems” or whatnot to help you set up a regimen. But this is not to say that it is hokum. I have heard of eye exercises of various kinds being recommended by doctors, and I believe that I have benefited by my own exercises, which consist mostly of practicing focusing on objects at different lengths (although I have not followed any official program). A significant problem with eye exercises is the same as the problem with any exercise: finding the time and the discipline to actually do it.

Can gadgets come to the rescue? Various forms of eye glass monitors are available now. Imagine a system based of eye glasses that could change the distance your eyes needed to focus to see the screen regularly through the day. It could change every fifteen minutes, every hour, or whatever. Your eyes would get the needed practice without any conscious effort. I see a bright future in this.

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