Babelcon Report

Picture from the Advocate

Me, Sir Noah, and Darth

Babelcon is Baton Rouge’s science fiction and fantasy con. It is small, but has been rapidly growing. This year was a major leap forward for the Con in many ways. Excellent care was provided for the halfings (kids) on the Con’s “Shire Track.” My son greatly enjoyed the treasure hunt, collecting more glass beads from hidden places around the con than anyone else.

Babelcon goers are above average costumers. You’ll find Darth, Klingons, blue skinned elves, blue-black skinned dark elves, pirates, storm troopers, etc. and to cap it off there is always an “Orion Slave Girl Dance” by one of the local belly dance troops. (This is always a family friendly show)

This year we had three distinguished visitors:

  1. John Hertzler a.k.a. General Martok. When I first saw his picture I thought, “That doesn’t look like Martok, he looks like a nice grandpa.” But after hearing him talk (he actually shed his own blood during his audition for Star Trek) and seeing some of his antics at the Con I thought, “This guy is part Klingon!”

    My wife and John Hertzler
  2. Richard Hatch a. k. a. Zarek was also present. I asked him if he thought he might be a Cylon — naturally he refused to comment. I don’t know, i think if I were him I would have just raised my eyebrows suggestively and said, “By your command.” Anyway, he also got into the spirit. He participated in a knighting ceremony (the Queen of Babelcon was performing them regularly throughout the Con). He even taped the queen’s mouth shut!

    My wife and Richard Hatch
  3. Suzie Plackson, a. k. a. K’Ehleyr (Alexander’s mom, Worf’s girlfriend). She’s a beautiful woman and has recently been branching out into other endeavors (art, music, etc.).

    Suzie Plakson

Looking forward to seeing how things progress in 2009!

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