Virtual Possessions

I was thinking about the future of display technology. I imagine that it will become cheap enough, at some point, that we will cover our walls, ceilings, and tables with displays (possibly 3D displays). One consequence of this would be that we’d have practically zero possessions. Most of what we have — decorative items, books, games would all become virtual.

The only things you would need:
1) Items for food preparation: The kitchen might contain just a food printer / heater / cooler — eliminating the need for a variety of appliances, gadgets, and tools.
2) Furniture – All of this would be infinitely customizable, your household 3D printer could make/remake what you needed. You would probably need to supply your own cushions (unless someone figures out how to print those as well).
3) Plumbing.

In this brave new style of dwelling moving would be simple. Just transfer your “desktop” to a new location. Probably many of you will chafe at this idea, finding it too cold and impersonal. In reality, though, it’s just the opposite. Your dwelling/environment will be tuned to you and radically customized. A hotel will feel much more like home.

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