Story Idea: The Ghost Seers Asylum

This idea came to me the other morning. I picture it as having a semi-serious, whimsical character. Think Ghost Busters meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

When Wendy confides in her mother that the kid next door who died in a car accident still visits her, she expects understanding–not to be hauled away to an institution.

When she arrives at Magnolia House Asylum, Wendy tries to tell people she’s not crazy. But Magnolia house isn’t there to cure the insane, but to cure the problem of seeing ghosts. As her therapy continues, more and more people in Wendy’s disappear, both new acquaintances in the asylum and people she thought she knew in the outside world. Eventually, she must decide whether to accept the cure and live her life, or stay in the asylum and hang onto the many friends she’s lost.

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