Warriors of the Hollow World is Finished!

Please top off your glasses of virtual champagne. I’m pleased to announce that after 56 installments, my Wattpad story “Warriors of the Hollow World” is complete.

If you’ve been following the story, thank you for reading. If you haven’t, please get started!

Next steps:

  1. Paper: Some of you don’t like to read online, but paper is your thing. There will be Kindle and Create Space versions of the story in a month or two. Before that happens, I plan to re-edit the entire novel, add an encyclopedia for words and characters, and possibly some illustrations and technical plans for the starships.
  2. Sequels: A sequel is planned. However, there will be other stories in the “Warriots of the Hollow Worlds” universe, most notably, “The Turquoise Bones” which will be published by Clean Reads in April.
  3. T-shirts: I plan to make a T-shirt availalble. 🙂
  4. Support: How you can support my writing:
    1. Read my story and give me votes on Wattpad
    2. Like my author page on Facebook.
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