Thursday Thirteen: Wonders from the Past

My previous Thursday 13 was a list of technology predictions. I thought I’d follow up by a collection of 13 fairly unrelated ancient things that I found interesting/amusing. I give you my list of “wonders from the past”…..

  1. Lost DaVinci mural discovered – Found by Maurizio Seracini of Calit2.
  2. 3500 year old female pharoh named Hatshepsut identified (some other cool mummies found recently include a high priest of Amun in the city of Luxor)
  3. The final location of the Holy Grail (or “holy funnel” as this research describes it) has been identified. This hasn’t actually been confirmed yet, but it is interesting.
  4. Soft tissue from a T-Rex was discovered inside a bone. This , makes good soup, as Chinese villagers have discovered. If that sounds tasty, you can dig up your own in Wyoming.
  5. The Pool of Siloam (from the Bible) discovered (year 2005). There was a time when the shmexperts told us this didn’t exist.
  6. A 20 foot tall fungus existed in the Devonian period. Imagine it growing in your back yard!
  7. A building found inside a Chinese emperor’s tomb. There was also an army of terracotta warriors and other cool things.
  8. Music encoded in the walls of a Scottish Church. This one is a bit questionable, but fascinating nevertheless.
  9. Writings of Isaac Newton discovered that predict the world will end in 2060. Given my tech predictions, I’m inclined to agree with him.
  10. Veil of Veronica found (after being missing for 400 years). This is like the Shroud of Turin, in most respects. An ancient image of Christ.
  11. Sunken treasure off the coast of Florida hidden for for 384 years by 18 feet of water! – Don’t you wish you’d found it?
  12. Nostalgia — Flexible plastic recods in cereal boxes. Totally retro!
  13. 44 year old blogger discovered still alive in living room. This was somewhat more amazing than the catching of a coelacanth. The explorer credited with discovering the ancient blogger said, “Who’d have thought anything this old could still be alive? And yet there he was saying, ‘Can you bring me the chips?'”
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