The Great Race of 2008

The “Great Race of 1908” was a race from New York to Paris. Four countries competed: Russia, France, Italy and the US.

This may not sound so remarkable, but remember that there were no roads and no gas stations in 1908. The racers faced many hazards, from the mud of Nebraska to bandits in Sibera. Sometimes they traveled for long stretches of time with no place to stop for food or sleep. You can read more about the details and hardships at:

The US won the race in their car, “The Thomas Flyer.” It still runs. I wish I had a car that could last me 100 years. And what’s exciting for me, I saw it during a recent visit to Reno. The fully restored and fully operational car is on display at the National Auto Museum.

The Great Race is to be reenacted in 2008, on the centennial anniversary of the event. You can watch the countdown to this exciting day at To maximize the coolness of this event, the Thomas Flyer will participate again!

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