Magic made real by Technology

We’re rapidly entering an age where science fiction becomes fact on a daily basis. Who’d have thought that by 2013 we’d all have tricorders, but call them iPhones? But sometimes, fantasy is also becoming real. This particular example is fun for me because it ties to my own work. In the book my wife and I wrote, Sword and Illusion, we created a fabric called “silken steel.” When the protagonist from that story, Moonrazer, the Exalted Warrior of the Sarl, took a husband we wanted to give her a way to embrace the softer feminine side of her nature without giving up her identity as a warrior. “Silken steel” was a kind of armor that was as light and shimmery as, well, silk. Now, it seems, something similar has been created, although this is apparel for men. The bullet proof suit will set you back twenty grand, but for the medieval warrior turned urbanite, it may be worth it.

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