Secret Worlds and the Belly of Quetzacoatl

Fantasy has several different classifications:

  1. Contemporary Fantasy: Fantasy that takes place in the modern world, sometimes called Urban Fantasy.
  2. Second World Fantasy: There’s a whole different earth-like magical world out there. Think Tolkien.
  3. Portal Fantasy: This world and some second world are connected, and stories bridge worlds. Think Potter or Narnia.

The last category, Portal Fantasy, is based on the idea that there’s a secret world, a magical way to get from this one to another that is hidden or only available to rare people. This morning I read about the Hamza, a river that flows 13,000 feet below the Amazon. It flows at a slower pace than the river above–and perhaps time flows at a slower pace in those depths as well. Perhaps the water is still tainted with the blood of ancient sacrifices; the vital essence of men and women whose veins were opened to appease an ancient feathered serpent god. Perhaps that river is really the twisting belly of the ancient animal itself and our scientific drilling will cause it to awaken, hungry, irritated, and eager for a contract with the Sci Fi channel.

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