Who Wants to be a Necromancer? Episode IV

The great necromancer contestants were hanging out in the lair, bad-mouthing each other and eating bat rinds, when Stee Mer appeared in the crystal ball to give them a new assignment: Raise two famous lovers from the dead and reunite them.

Bill of the Dead raised Wilma and Fred Flintstone. Fred tried to pretend he was remembered as famous prehistoric businessman so that Wilma would be impressed and cook up an undead brontosaurus steak. He dressed himself up as a famous historian and tried to pretend he knew all about the magnificent Businessman Fred who founded Rock Bottom Creditstone Cards. He claimed that a statue is erected in his honor in Rockville Maryland. She wanted to see it so he got Barney’s corpse and dressed it up and stood it on a pedestal. Hilarity ensued and Fred wound up sleeping in Dino’s crypt.

Patricia Cemetery raised the skeletons of the dogs from Lady and the Tramp. She was able to supply them with a single loop of spaghetti which, when wound in the shape of a figure eight, could pass into the mouth of one dog, out the rib cage, into the mouth of the other and back again. This enabled them to suck on their delicacy and gaze into each other’s eye sockets for all eternity. Stee Mer congratulated her on doing something different than a guinea pig.

Morgue Ann raised the souls of Sybill Fawlty, former part owner of Fawlty Towers, and summoned the spirit of Nearly Headless Nick, the resident ghost of Gryffindor House. Sybill announced that despite the striking similarity to her real husband, Nick was nearly an improvement. They then proceeded to argue and throw ecto-plasm at one another. Stee Mer commented that although they were not really lovers, they certainly acted like they were married.

Stee Mer announces that it’s time for his favorite part of the contest, the elimination. He glares evilly at Morgue Ann, noting that she was slightly off target. He then went on to say that the Flintstones had jumped the shark decades ago. He blasted Bill of the Dead with purple lightning, and reduced him to a skull with weird glowing red eyes. The skull raised Bam Bam’s mummy, who proceeded to whack Stee Mer with a club.

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