California Demon

I just finished “California Demon” by Julie Kenner. It is a humorous fast-paced story of a mom who hunts demons while her toddler is in day care. I think I liked it even better than the first book, “Carpe Demon.”

Things I liked:

  1. Solidly plotted and entertaining story with engaging characters. The heroine, Kate Conner, has two kids, thirteen years apart (the daughter is the older one). This is exactly like my family, and I can tell you that the personalities of the children are exactly right.
  2. This story has a secret organization within the Vatican — and they are the good guys! As a Catholic, I get tired of seeing religious people in general and Catholics in particular as the villains. In fact, no group of people gets put down in these stories (well, except the demon-possessed).
  3. One needs holy water and relics to fight demons, not generic symbols of faith. Remember those good old days before political correctness?
  4. The only sex in the book is between married people, and the details are left up to our imagination.
  5. Virtually no swearing. Many stories use foul language because it is “realistic.” I don’t want realism in the novels I read.

In other words, it’s just a lot of good clean, demon-bashing fun!

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