Who Wants to be a Necromancer?

In this televised competition (DFC – Dark Fantasy Channel) five contestants have been chosen. Each of them wants to be declared a “Lord of the Dead.” Each week, one will be eliminated until one of them earns the title.

  1. Bill of the Dead – Started his carrier as a zombie wizard by winning the annual South Ferry brain-eating-contest. He has also guest starred on Zombie Iron Chef. He was criticized for lack of exotic ingredients in his dishes.
  2. Brain Hellda – Raised and commanded a legion of undead Sumo wrestlers. Was able to demolish that same building in Japan that got demolished in every one of those old Japanese monster movies.
  3. Gerard Weird – Created a great undead parade, supposedly through the use of potions and chemicals.
  4. Petricia Cemetary – Created the most powerful army of undead guinea pigs ever known in all the Seven Lands. Unfortunately, it was stopped in its first campaign by a pile of wilted celery.
  5. Morgue-Ann – Captain of the all-undead quidditch team. Alas, last season they did not have a ghost of a chance against Hogwarts.
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