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Gold Rolled Lung Cancer Vaccine —

Cuba, country famous for its cigars is now providing the first vaccine against lung cancer. The vaccine does not cure or prevent the disease, but it makes the disease more manageable in stages 3 to 4. See Next Big Future for more details.

Overhydrating —

Did you know that drinking too much is a problem for runners? And no, I don’t mean alcohol, I mean water. Apparently, drinking too much while running can result in abnormally low sodium levels.

Dune is More Likely to Exist than Earth —

The famous desert planet Arrakis is, according to recent computer simulations, a more likely type of planet to harbor life than Earth. In fact, “land worlds” (worlds with no oceans) have a habitable zone that is three times larger than that of Earth. But an ocean planet with an atmosphere consisting primarily of hydrogen could […]

Brain Prosthetic —

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of watching a loved one’s memory deteriorate through dementia of one for or another. If your loved one is a rat, there is already a solution, a device that connects directly to the brain and replaces long term memory.

Unlimited Energy —

We may be suffering with fuel prices right now, but I believe that pain will result in gain. While there are many companies working hard to bring new energy sources to market, Joule Unlimited is particularly exciting to me. If what they are saying about their product is true, we could supply all the automotive […]

Another Answer to the Fermi Paradox —

The Fermi paradox points out a contradiction between our expectations and evidence. We believe that extra terrestrial life is likely to exist, and therefore likely to have visited earth–and yet there is no evidence that it has. What I’m going to suggest is that there is a very good reason we wouldn’t know about it, […]

Expensive and Inexpensive wines taste the same —

( — Psychologist Prof Richard Wiseman (University of Hertfordshire) today revealed the results of The Taste Test – a large-scale experiment to discover whether expensive wines are good value for money. The experiment was carried out as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival and involved over 400 members of the public tasting either an […]

Virgin Oceanic has a submarine to go to the bottom of the Ocean —

Richard Branson has unveiled a Hawkes submarine that will go the bottom of 5 oceans. The company believes that it will set as many as 30 world records with each dive being the world’s first solo dive to the bottom of the five deepest trenches in the …

Space Cockroaches —

From Russian space scientists announced on Thursday a new breakthrough in a long pedigree of firsts: the birth of 30 grandchildren of a “space cockroach” who spent 12 days in orbit. In the words of Kent Brockman: “I, for one, welcome Earth’s new overlords!” I’m going to put a rotten ding dong on […]